How you can get involved

Lunar Mission One is an opportunity to become part of history. We rely on our amazing community of supporters to drive this project, and any contribution you make will help to make this project grow and become a reality.

In late 2014 we launched Lunar Mission One on the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter. This was an important success. Over 7,000 people from over 70 countries raised over $1 million in development funding in the space of just four weeks. This set the tone of public participation for our landmark project, but it was just the beginning.

Be a part of space history.
Be a part of world history. 
Be a part of Lunar Mission One.

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Back the project now by purchasing a digital memory box voucher and reserving your place in space forever!

The public archive is one of the most exciting and ambitious academic undertakings in history. It will contain a publicly assembled and owned digital record of life on Earth: a record of human history and civilisation worldwide to date, alongside a species database showing the biodiversity of animals and plants.

Community is central to Lunar Mission One. By joining our forum you can meet likeminded people, share ideas, help guide the project over its development and even participate in research projects via the Lunar Missions Labs.

By joining the Lunar Missions Club you will gain access to exclusive material, news and opportunities. You will also gain access to the Lunar Missions Labs, the project’s innovative collaborative ideas platform. Participation in the Labs will allow supporters to directly contribute ideas, theories, designs and even prototypes to the development of the project.

To join or find out more about the exciting content on offer, visit the Lunar Missions Club page.

Whether you are an educational institution, or simply interested in the educational legacy of the project, there will be plenty of ways for you to get involved in Lunar Mission One, for example as part of our Education Programme’s pilot programme. Please visit our Education page for more information about the educational aims of Lunar Mission One, and to sign-up to our education newsletter.

If you have an idea or want to write for the blog we would love to hear from you! The blog will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase your own work and thoughts, as well as to learn from our expert contributors. To be considered for a post, email your idea or feature to us here.

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    Why should you get involved?

    By becoming involved in this project you have the opportunity to participate in a community of likeminded individuals, drive future space exploration and contribute to the furthering of human knowledge about ourselves, our planet and our universe. 

    Over the coming years we will need contributors to help support our growing community, develop ideas for the project and spread the word. We want this to be a lunar mission for everyone. Wherever you are in the world there will be lots of opportunities for you to become directly involved in Lunar Mission One. 

  • How can you get involved? Open or Close

    How can you get involved?

    Getting involved with Lunar Mission One couldn’t be easier, and there are a number of different ways for you to contribute to the project.
    To make sure you don’t miss out on any announcements, make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook.