Our purpose is to create an epic record of life on Earth
that everyone can be part of

With your help and support, an international space science and exploration mission will place this historic record in the Moon where it could survive for a billion years. Together we will establish a global legacy of inspiration and education in science, technology, culture and space for generations to come.

January 15, 2018
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The Lunar Mission One Annual Summary of 2017

Summary of 2017 Behind some clouds, the focus of our Moon vision is sharpening Hello, and welcome to Lunar Mission One's 2017 update. In brief, much of 2017 continued along the path of 2016 activity…
December 06, 2017
Pilot Education examples
Whats happening

Pilot Education examples

Several pilot schools and colleges have already been sampling the work that Lunar Mission One offers and inspires. They have covered a range of subjects from science and technology to art and…
January 13, 2017
Our News

The Lunar Mission One Annual Summary of 2016

The Lunar Mission One Annual Summary of 2016 Quiet progress, global awareness and bright young things. LM1 may have had a lower profile in 2016 but the team is still active and committed to…
February 09, 2016
Whats happening

Lunar Mission One invites schools to join the start of its Pilot Education Program

LM1 has started its Pilot Education Program. We need to test ideas for LM1's main education program that itself would start in a few years from now. The ideas need to cover any subject, any age, any…