Lunar Mission One invites schools to join the start of its Pilot Education Program

LM1 has started its Pilot Education Program.

We need to test ideas for LM1's main education program that itself would start in a few years from now. The ideas need to cover any subject, any age, any ability and any culture. This would accord with our aim of global inclusiveness.

We are looking for teachers and students who are enthusiastic about LM1, and who would wish to participate from the start of this program. Is this you?

If so, please download this material which you can share with colleagues:-
1. a presentation;
2. an introduction and supporting letter;
3. an outline timetable to start the pilot program.

The best way to look at the opportunity for schools is with two options. The first is to participate in the "Life on Earth" record. The second is to do something with the science and technology of the mission itself.

At this stage, all we ask is a school's interest to join us later this year - to undertake perhaps a relatively small activity by one pupil, or something more substantial for a whole class, or even a complete year group. The school can decide over the next six months what exactly that activity should be, and LM1 can help with the options.

The school could use its local language, but we ask that someone is available to translate from and to English, and so be able to communicate with the rest of the World.

There is no financial payment to participate.

To register your interest or for any further questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.