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January 15, 2018

The Lunar Mission One Annual Summary of 2017

Summary of 2017 Behind some clouds, the focus of our Moon vision is sharpening Hello, and welcome to Lunar Mission One's 2017 update. In brief, much of 2017 continued along the path of 2016 activity – see last year’s report. The project has still to secure further funding so at present we are relying on volunteers to ensure the project remains live and ready for the next phase. Their response is very heartening and confirms our confidence in the purpose of LM1. LM1 does have an identified… Read more >
January 13, 2017

The Lunar Mission One Annual Summary of 2016

The Lunar Mission One Annual Summary of 2016 Quiet progress, global awareness and bright young things. LM1 may have had a lower profile in 2016 but the team is still active and committed to progressing what is a complex pioneering lunar mission initiated by the private sector. Keep the faith! So firstly, why have we been relatively quiet? And why have we not been publicly fundraising? Well, following our 2014 Kickstarter crowdfunding which successfully raised enough money to fund our six month… Read more >
2025 - an update
January 04, 2016

The end of 2015 – an update

Here’s a summary update to let everyone know the latest as we enter 2016. From the initial reaction to our recent call to the space industry, I am confident we will be getting sufficient response to proceed. There will be many discussions to follow with a view to formulating, over the course of 2016, a procurement plan for developing and agreeing the detailed commercial arrangement we need for the main stage of the project. In parallel, we will be pursuing the public sector side of the… Read more >
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November 04, 2015

Moving upwards with Lunar Mission One

A message from David Iron, Founder We are today reporting recent developments in our pioneering Lunar Mission One strategy. Lunar Mission One (LM1) is an ambitious lunar mission for everyone. At a time when space agencies were finding it increasingly difficult to meet popular and political pressures to go beyond Earth orbit, especially within the timescales and public budgets given to them, LM1 was conceived as a serious mission for scientific exploration, but with a completely new model for… Read more >
October 16, 2015

Artist Signature: a poem for poets day

Hello everyone! Seeing as National Poetry Day fell within World Space Week this year on the subject of Light, it seemed appropriate to celebrate the collision of Arts and Sciences with a poem this month! It also happens to be Poet’s Day on Friday (tongue in cheek of course ;) ) but there’s always a good excuse for reading and writing poetry! Enjoy! Artist Signature by Susan Grey, Artistic Director at Stars or Mars Theatre She traced co-ordinates of space and time Through the contours of the… Read more >
young scientists 5
October 12, 2015

School students needed for Lunar Mission One

Where would astronomy be without the breakthroughs of early career researchers? Consider the following scientists, who made their names whilst still young: Johannes Kepler was only 25 when he defended the Copernican solar system model, which places the Sun and not Earth at the centre of the solar system. William K Hartmann proposed the now widely-accepted Giant Impact Hypothesis about the origin of the Moon while he was still in his 30s It was the 26-year-old Albert Einstein, not the… Read more >
October 02, 2015

Lunar Mission One signs deal with Astrobotic

Partnership establishes first digital archive on the Moon Astrobotic Technology Inc. and Lunar Missions Ltd, the company behind the global, inclusive, not-for-profit crowd-funded Lunar Mission One, have signed a deal to send the first digital storage payload to the Moon. The payload will support Lunar Mission One’s ‘Footsteps on the Moon’ campaign, launched earlier today, which invites millions of people to include their footsteps – in addition to images, video and music – in a digital archive… Read more >
August 26, 2015

Send yourself to the Moon

To celebrate World Space Week, October 4-10th 2015, Lunar Mission One is launching a creative competition where the younger members of your family could win some fantastic prizes. To enter, they must be 18 years of age or younger and they need to show us what they think should be preserved on the Moon for millions of years. Entries must be in by October 7th at 5.00pm GMT The prizes: All winners will be listed on the Lunar Mission One Supporter Wall and a picture of their winning entry will be… Read more >
Richard Holdaway
August 19, 2015

Professor Richard Holdaway joins Lunar Mission One

Another distinguished name has joined Lunar Mission One's International Advisory Board today. Professor Richard Holdaway, whom many of you will remember from our original launch event at the Royal Society, will sit alongside our other IAB members such as former NASA astronaut Dan Tani and Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Othman to help advise on all areas of the mission “I am delighted to be joining the International Advisory Board at this pivotal time for Lunar Mission One, as it enters its… Read more >
July 31, 2015

LM1 event marks start of new phase

Lunar Mission One's founder backers gathered in London on the night of 30 July, for an exclusive "Meet The Team" evening. This was one of the pledge rewards promised during the project's Kickstarter phase. A similar event was held in San Fransisco last week. The event was timed to celebrate Lunar Mission One's transition from Prep stage to Set-up stage. Not only were the entire management team there to chat with backers, but also many of the partners who will be helping to bring the project to… Read more >
June 30, 2015

Lunar Mission One in German Tech Mag Roboterwelt

For all our German speaking supporters, Lunar Mission One has recieved a write up in the German Science and Tech magazine, Roboterwelt. You can check it out here ...or by going to the Robertwelt homepage here Read more >
June 24, 2015

Project Update: Lunar Mission One Presented to UN Committee

Hello, As many of you will know, I was recently in Vienna presenting Lunar Mission One to the UN’s Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS). I thought I’d give you an update on what I was doing there. Shortly before our Kickstarter campaign started, I met Simonetta Di Pippo, the Director of the UN’s Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) who suggested an LM1 presentation to COPUOS. Her predecessor Mazlan Othman is on our International Advisory Board and agreed it would fit in… Read more >
June 22, 2015

Lunar Mission One represented at the 12th International Planetary Probe Workshop

LM1 Founding Backer Darryl Cooper recently presented the project to the 12th International Planetary Probe Workshop in Cologne, Germany. Read his account below: My name is Darryl Cooper and I am a Founding Backer of Lunar Mission One. I had followed the Kickstarter campaign closely and when I was awarded a grant by the Royal Astronomical Society to attend the 12th International Planetary Probe Workshop, I contacted the Lunar Mission One team and explained my desire to present a conference… Read more >
June 17, 2015

Could Kickstarter-funded Lunar Mission One be the UN’s first space mission?

David Iron presented Lunar Mission One to the UN Committee for Peaceful Uses of Outer Space yesterday in Vienna, Austria. An excellent article, written by Dr Stuart Clark of The Guardian, asks whether LM1 could become the first ever UN space mission. What do you think? Should Lunar Mission One become a UN led project? Join the conversation on our Forum… Read more >
June 15, 2015

'Why We Must Colonise the Moon' - Isaac Asimov (from 1969)

"Yes, human beings can reach Mars easily (and not just as a one-shot demonstration) and can even reach life-bearing worlds as warm and pleasant as earth, if we go about it the right way - if we colonize the moon first." Family_Weekly_-_Asimov.pdf (opens a new tab) Here at Lunar Mission One we recently came across this fantastic article from Family Weekly in 1969 (written just four months after the first Moon landing). In it Isaac Asimov, author of "Twentieth Century Discovery" and "Life and… Read more >
June 04, 2015

One day in the journey

Last weekend Lunar Mission One hosted it's first backer's meeting at the Royal Institution in London. Founder David Iron gives us his thoughts on the day... Mission Control: Building the world’s biggest space club 30th May 2015 This weekend marked the inaugural Lunar Mission One backer’s event. From as far afield as Saudi Arabia, Texas, Oslo, Turkey, Spain and Germany over 300 Lunar Mission supporters participated in an extraordinary day at the iconic Royal Institution in London. When… Read more >
May 29, 2015

LM1 teams up with CREAT-IT and World Space Week

Lunar Mission One teams up with CREAT-IT as it secures a headline partnership with World Space Week Association Lunar Mission One, the ambitious and pioneering lunar mission, today announces its collaboration with CREAT-IT, the European Commission funded project that promotes creativity in science education. Together they will deliver an exciting programme of public engagement in space science in the run up to, and during, World Space Week in October 2015, of which Lunar Mission One is one of… Read more >
May 14, 2015

Royal Institution Event - Public Agenda

Lunar Mission One - Royal Institution Event Public Agenda On Saturday 30th May 2015 we will be hosting our inaugural backer event at the Royal Institution in London. Mission Control: Building the World’s Biggest Space Club is the next step in the Lunar Mission One venture that gives you the chance to meet each other and the team behind the project. On this day you can directly engage with the project, contribute ideas to its development and volunteer to participate in making it a success.… Read more >
May 01, 2015

Angela Lamont introduces the new project website

In the first of our Lunar Mission One Blog and Vlog series, Angela Lamont introduces the new project website. Read more >
May 01, 2015

Introduction to the newsroom

Here you will find all things new concerning Lunar Mission One. The project has already gathered a large amount of momentum, and will develop rapidly as we move further towards the space mission launch date in around 2024. So if you want to make sure you are up to date with all the project’s latest announcements, simply drop by. Remember, you can also keep up to date with all the latest Lunar Mission One announcements by following us on Twitter and Facebook. Media coverage Lunar Mission One’s… Read more >
May 01, 2015

Lunar Mission One Event - 30 May 2015

Lunar Mission One Event on 30th May 2015 At the heart of Lunar Mission One is the active… Read more >