Lunar Mission One invites interest in the industrial leadership of the space mission

Craft and Moon sm
Lunar Mission One has issued an RFI (Request For Information) in order to better understand the possibilities for industrial management and implementation for the mission.

In particular, the following are of high interest to the Lunar Mission One team:

  • The proposed industrial consortia that could be put together to deliver the mission
  • Preliminary mission architecture(s) which could meet the main mission objectives
  • Non-binding, indicative price(s) for the mission architectures
  • High-level delivery schedule
  • Innovative ideas for cost reduction, schedule acceleration, and/or increased value

Details can be found here: Download pdf RFI document >

At the request of industry, we have extended the original timings. Potential respondents are requested to register their interest by 8th January 2016. Responses should be sent by 26th February 2016.