LM1 event marks start of new phase

Lunar Mission One's founder backers gathered in London on the night of 30 July, for an exclusive "Meet The Team" evening.  This was one of the pledge rewards promised during the project's Kickstarter phase. A similar event was held in San Fransisco last week.
The event was timed to celebrate Lunar Mission One's transition from Prep stage to Set-up stage.  Not only were the entire management team there to chat with backers, but also many of the partners who will be helping to bring the project to fruition and make the plans a reality.
The mission's founder, David Iron, described the major work that has already been achieved and the opportunities ahead, whilst Chief Marketing Officer, Allan Fraser-Rush outlined some immediate plans for the summer and autumn months.
"It's an exciting time", said Angela Lamont, LM1's director of communications, "During the Prep stage, there were so many things we couldn't talk about, so many exciting partnerships being forged.  Now we can start to share the news with all of our amazing backers who Kickstarted this mission. We have some highly credible partners on board already and with more top-flight organisations approaching us, we have a lot to look forward to over the coming months.”