LM1 teams up with CREAT-IT and World Space Week

Lunar Mission One teams up with CREAT-IT as it secures a headline partnership with World Space Week Association

Lunar Mission One, the ambitious and pioneering lunar mission, today announces its collaboration with CREAT-IT, the European Commission funded project that promotes creativity in science education.

Together they will deliver an exciting programme of public engagement in space science in the run up to, and during, World Space Week in October 2015, of which Lunar Mission One is one of the top sponsors.

The public engagement programme will consist of two principal initiatives, each with a Lunar Mission One theme: a global young filmmaker and artist competition, which will invite young people to submit short videos or artwork; and “Skylight”, a Global Science Opera based on creative science learning and cross border cooperation in 31 countries.

The announcement of Lunar Mission One’s partnership with World Space Week Association, an organization that works on behalf of the United Nations to promote World Space Week, comes at the end of Lunar Mission One’s preparation phase, as it moves into its three year Setup Stage.

David Iron, Founder of Lunar Mission One said, “Lunar Mission One is the most exciting project of the New Space movement. We have already attracted backers from over 70 countries, but our partnership with World Space Week Association will provide us with an excellent opportunity to reach out to even more nations and encourage them to join the project. We are looking forward to launching our young creatives competition and receiving entries from all over the world.”

He added, “We are forming the largest global engagement programme that a space mission has ever had. Education and legacy is at the heart of the project, so it is fitting that we are collaborating with a science education initiative as ambitious and creative as CREAT-IT’s.”

Oded Ben-Horin, Coordinator of CREAT-IT’s Skylight project, said, “We are always seeking new and creative ways to encourage children to learn about science, and Lunar Mission One has already inspired thousands of young people to take an interest in space. We are looking forward to working together to deliver a programme that engages students and their teachers and parents, encouraging them to promote creativity in inquiry-based science education.”

The Skylight project will work with students to create a science opera based on the theme of Cosmic Light. It will be performed on the 3rd of October 2015, opening World Space Week’s international programme, which last year saw almost 1,600 events in 72 countries. Lunar Mission One will be announcing the launch of its young filmmaker and artist competition shortly, the winners of which will be announced during World Space Week.

Michelle Mendes, Executive Director at World Space Week Association said, “We are delighted that Lunar Mission One has become one of our top sponsors and is including World Space Week in its exciting programme with CREAT-IT. This year’s World Space Week theme, Discovery, will celebrate past and future discoveries, a concept that is embodied by Lunar Mission One’s ambitions. World Space Week continues to grow each year, and as we look forward to October 2015, we are expecting our biggest year yet.”



‘Implementing Creative Strategies into Science Teaching’ (CREAT-IT) aims to take forward the agenda of practitioner led change at a European level by introducing creativity in science education. Funded by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme, the CREAT-IT project is made up of seven European partners from the UK, Norway, Italy, Belgium, Serbia and Greece.

For more information please go to: www.creatit-project.eu


World Space Week 

Each year from October 4-10 United Nations-Declared World Space Week events are held all over the world to celebrate the benefits of space science to human kind. Educators, the space industry, space agencies and other organisations that advocate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, build the workforce of the future by holding events to inspire young people during World Space Week.

Synchronizing many events within one week, instead of many throughout the year, provides the space industry with needed leverage to raise public awareness, grow media attention and inspire youth. In 2014 nearly 1,600 World Space Week events in 72 nations were celebrated.

The theme for World Space Week 2015 is “Discovery”. 


World Space Week Association

World Space Week Association (WSWA) works on behalf of the United Nations to stimulate participation in the celebration of the United Nations-declared World Space Week (WSW).

WSWA is an international non-government organization (NGO) with volunteers in 80 nations and is a registered 501 (c)(3) (not for profit) organization in the United States. WSWA has obtained permanent observer status in the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS), is a member of the International Astronautical Federation, and has numerous global partners.

For the full calendar of World Space Week events and more information, please go to: www.worldspaceweek.org.