'Why We Must Colonise the Moon' - Isaac Asimov (from 1969)

"Yes, human beings can reach Mars easily (and not just as a one-shot demonstration) and can even reach life-bearing worlds as warm and pleasant as earth, if we go about it the right way - if we colonize the moon first."

Family_Weekly_-_Asimov.pdf (opens a new tab)

Here at Lunar Mission One we recently came across this fantastic article from Family Weekly in 1969 (written just four months after the first Moon landing). In it Isaac Asimov, author of "Twentieth Century Discovery" and "Life and Energy", argues that the Moon must be colonised and understood fully before humans can safely and consistently travel to Mars and beyond. It is a point of view we share, in that we believe that there is still so much more we must learn from our closest neighbour.

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