"IRISH UFO Encounter" (RADAR Audio Available) & MOON STRUCTURES Discovered!!!

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2 months 1 week ago #3794 by Paul Conway
Paul Conway created the topic: "IRISH UFO Encounter" (RADAR Audio Available) & MOON STRUCTURES Di

The Day after HAL dies (actor Douglas Rain) we get THIS...


Scroll down for the AUDIO LINK & because I am such a helpful guy...
Fast Forward to 18 minutes when the ENCOUNTER is FIRST reported...at 19m 30s another of the pilots chips in with "2 bright lights, very interesting"

I've read this account on a few different sources...this one & the BBC news online (which was rating it as it's 2nd most popular story...THANK the HEAVENS people might just be MORE interested in this SUBJECT that I thought...about time!)

The Question you have to ask yourself is this...

First you have to understand (surely?) that the majority of these pilots are NOT STUPID.

So to dial in such a report/inquiry will involve something extraordinary for them to do so.
They've seen a lot up there & most will know the difference between a shooting star & it's like & an Object (two of them it sounds like here? or one which is connected perhaps?) two bright lights were reported but for them to come alongside the aeroplane & then alter course!!!

Well I am sorry Mr Astronomer who thinks these were shooting stars or something akin but your WRONG about that one (I think)

So many PILOTS have encountered strange craft up there among the clouds...THEY LOVE THE CLOUDS you know (so if your ever in an airplane try keeping your video camera handy) they also LOVE Lightening (looks like they can garner ENERGY from such things) so keep eyes peeled during lightening storms (apparently we have something like 25 per minute around the world? think it was this number? which is amazing!!! might have even been 250?)

So Douglas Rain dies (the voice of HAL 9000) and a day later this comes to light :) even if it actually took place on FRIDAY.

Reminds me of when Professor Stephen Hawking died...
I have no idea WHY? but I was compelled to go outside into our garden with my camera & take shots of the NIGHT SKY (probably figured It would be a nice thing to do to remember him on the night he died)
What showed up on those photographs? was everything & their dog :lol:
I don't think I have EVER captured so MANY, different shaped & sized SPACECRAFT or SPACE OBECTS in my life on ONE NIGHT.
As I said at the time...I would like to think perhaps that a varied collection of species that knew about us showed up (something similar to what is seen at the end of that FUN second film "Guardians of the Galaxy VOL 2") to pay their respects?
It's an interesting thought, otherwise, WHAT WERE THEY DOING HERE at that TIME.

This is probably just a quirky coincidence but still, I found it kind a fun...the guy who voiced HAL in one my favourite films (the first true AI computer...on film of course) dies & a day later another possible intelligence is reported.

What's really strange is I recently DISCOVERED another video with photographs / poster enlargements either on a desk or pinned up on the back at APOLLO 17's MISSION CONTROL & some I had seen before curiously in another video (the RAISED PLATFORM or something that looks like it upon OUR MOON which is so CLEARLY not natural & is ARTIFICAL in nature (ie Someone or Something MADE IT because it's HUGE)
Does this platform open & close? and as asked last time when the shots were not quiet so clear...WHAT's THAT BELOW IT.

This time though these are POLAROIDS (ah yes those pesky little polaroids these folks took whilst back at Mission Control ;) ) and they're sitting on a desk rather than a table this time, stitched together to form a large PANORAMIC SHOT (approx. 6 photo's placed together to form this so SOMETHING HERE clearly had them interested)
And because we now see this large image you get a real scale of HOW BIG this raised platform (think THUNDERBIRD 2 lifting off from Tracy Island and the platform it uses to launch ONLY MUCH BIGGER) but there's MORE...to the left of it is what appears to be a shallow but large Crater but it has a number of what many might tell you (NASA) are just ROCKS but which look something altogether different to me.

This photo of polaroids which only lasts a split second or two (little did they realise that there would SPACE CRAZY folks like I that would be able to see this footage years later, pause it, use a HD camera to take the still shot, reverse 180 degrees, brighten it up & SEE in AMAZEMENT a STRUCTURE (a number of) THAT SHOULD NOT BE THERE.

This image can be seen briefly on the early 1970's NASA documentary "APOLLO 17 On the Shoulders of Giants (1973)"

Now as regards for this Documentary which I am sure was only intended to have probably been seen once on national American Tv but is now viewable on YOU TUBE and the like (how I bet they (NASA) hate such a platform now :) ) well you might want to check out the...

Aprrox 16 minutes 10 seconds mark...WAIT UNTIL the mission control guy in the pale blue backs his head out of the way of that PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT pinned up back there...if you can? watch it on the largest screen you can find & then MARVEL at what you are seeing here BECAUSE it is NOT NATURAL...you have a perfectly lined wall coming in from the EAST to the WEST which joins with one coming from pretty much the SOUTH to the NORTH creating a huge wall, now if that wasn't curious enough for you (and they find it curious enough because they pinned a huge poster print of it back there!!!) then take a look at what's gathered in this corner section? ZOOM IN ;)
I even think along that EAST to WEST wall is an ENTRANCE.

21 minutes exactly into this Video & the camera starts to PAN in onto the right hand sides ASTRONAUT but what it is about the REVEAL is something really rather INCREDIBLE...

Don't forget you can't have SOMETHING reflected in a VISOR that IS NOT THERE...and it's not just ONE THING but perhaps a few but the main one will become obvious as it's so BIG & appears to be very TALL & shall we say UNIQELY shaped?
By 21 minutes & 5 seconds it becomes CLEAR that SOMETHING way out in front of him & to the left hand side of him is positioned on the MOON which looks like a sharper HORSE SHOE shaped object sitting probably on the MOON? but is angled & way above it (this thing is HUGE)
Must be an ALIEN SPACECRAFT? I doubt we had anything quiet so BIG & as ADVANCED in the early 1970's?
It never alters or disappears the image showing this SHIP? STRUCTURE? BASE? whatever it is ON OUR MOON remains there in his visor...
There's also something strange just in front of this thing but what i also think that thing bang in the middle of his visor is very curious looking (at first i thought it was likely to be a natural part of the MOON?) OBJECT, but not just any ordinary looking object for STARTERS...
Look at the size of that thing back there...and it's CURVED...is it a DOME like STRUCTURE? could be? there's been talk of DOME like Structures on the MOON for decades but here you might actually be seeing one? if not how about a HUGE SAUCER SHIP?

What makes me laugh is...Some of you will READ this, some of you may even PLAY the VIDEO at these POINTS & see these things but will simply not be able to COMPUTE what it is your seeing?
Don't worry if i can't tell you WHAT you are SEEING but i can tell you THESE ARE NOT a NATURAL PART of the MOON (well that Horse Shoe shaped thing isn't anyway as for the DOME? well it certainly has a shape about it doesn't it?)

Want to see the PYRAMID SHAPED STRUCTURE or OBJECT reflected in these guys visors whilst adjusting the ROVER?
Ok then...
13 minutes & 19 seconds in is a GOOD SHOT...the guy furthest from us, take a look at his VISOR & to the top right of it, what's THAT? it's in the distance in front of him over to his left, it's clearly fairly large & it's TRIANGULAR shaped.

Just let it run on (stopping & starting the video) for another 1 second ONLY and this IMAGE will be seen in BOTH of these guys VISORS showing this triangular shape back there ;)
GOT TO LOVE that there are PYRAMIDS on our MOON...always suspected there was an EGYPTIAN CONNECTION with this little lot.
Now if you continue to start & pause there is a moment further on from this upon which the image on the ASTRONAUT at the back never really changes but this guy closest to us...
Ah, well that's when at one point (get it perfect) it becomes clear it looks to be an ACTUAL Pyramid shaped structure as he has now moved a little to be possibly more side on to this object in the background being reflected on to their visors.

Of course NASA will deny this but i have already shown you previously that one of these guys (APOLLO 17) had a small ringed binder notebook on his wrist that he flipped upon at one point during the mission to reveal...dmm dmm derrr, you guessed it a PYRAMID like STRUCTURE (among many other things they no doubt investigated) and i thought 2001 was but fantasy :lol:

I've left the BEST for LAST or maybe not?
I mean we've got a PYRAMID, a SPACECRAFT? (Horse Shoe shaped) better image both reflections though & some will still think these are not there (even though one of them the PYRAMID like Structure is right there in one of these guys NOTEBOOKS ;) always wondered WHY such a thing was in that notebook? well now we know)

There's NO QUESTION that these guys at MISSION CONTROL are CLEVER & ADMIRE THEM GREATLY what I don't CARE for is the SECRECY (they've known about these multiple sites on the MOON since at least back in the 1960's...it was ALL PLANNED...Every one of the APOLLO MISSIONS was COVERT in nature) but they made a mistake, innocently, they did not realise that YOU TUBE and such like will follow years later & with it people such as I who LOVE SPACE & SPACE TRAVEL, Aliens, UFO's this kind of stuff will become very much the norm over the NEXT 100-200 years but back here in the 60's/70's they were able to COVER it UP...it cannot last too much longer now you'd have thought?

I also have photo's showing a crater on the MOON with stacks of STRUCTURES including a curious lighter circular area on the MOON with a LARGE SPHERE sitting upon it :whistle: seriously, you couldn't make it up!!!

Recently discovered a superb NEW Reflection from both astronauts on the MOON of Apollo 17 showing away from the ROVER they're messing with a PYRAMID like structure in both visors...so that NOTEBOOK on one of these guys wrists opened up showing SUCH A STRUCTURE was TRUE (they were sent to investigate such a thing) how THRILLING!!!

I wonder if NASA have set foot on to PLUTO yet because that must be INCREDIBLE to witness all the structures & objects on that 22 mile small rocky outcrop...should keep 'em busy for decades & probably already has done :whistle:

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2 months 1 week ago #3795 by Paul Conway
Paul Conway replied the topic: "IRISH UFO Encounter" (RADAR Audio Available) & MOON STRUCTURES Di
And now to the ONE that SHOULD be as CLEAR as DAY to everyone that goes & has a LOOK at it (JUST SO LONG as you PLAY it on your LARGE SCREEN TV & turn your head OR the TV? 180 degrees...if not, do what i did, i noticed there was something STRANGE going on here so i TOOK A PHOTOGRAPH of the SCREEN with my CAMERA & then flipped it 180 degrees to see it the way they were seeing it...YOU'LL BE PLEASED YOU DID, you might want to just dim the image a little too)

So this is the point at which you can see in this Documentary the SECRET set of POLAROIDS showing STRCUTURES & what i think could be UFO objects (Sphere like) over to the left of the image (once flipped)

14 minutes & 50 seconds is the point to head to my friends...

Here you will see a series of polaroid pictures taken back at MISSION CONTROL showing a PANARAMIC shot of the MOON by stitching them together.

THIS is APOLLO 17 & this image is NOT on their ARCHIVE (for pretty much obvious reasons!!! i'm sorry to break it to you folks but SOMEONE or SOMETHING GOT TO THE MOON BEFORE WE DID, are they still here? it would seem so with so many reports of UFO's & other structures & mysteries around our SOLAR SYSTEM)

So ok, your at this point, you have flipped the image 180 degrees to see it as they would be seeing it and you can see what?

Over to the right hand side now is this RAISED PLATFORM i told you about around a year or so ago now (from another video) this one is MUCH CLEANER & CLEARER & should help you show with the hills/mountains in the background JUST HOW BIG THIS THING IS..

is it a PLATFORM? does it raise up & down? or does it stay open? even if you think it not such a thing? (a platform) you must surely admit that THIS IS NOT RIGHT, it looks unnatural, perhaps it's a ship? or a base? it seems to be lifted OFF the MOON giving the impression you might be able to enter it (perhaps the rumours were true? there is a hidden section beneath the MOON?)
Directly beneath this thing is what i think looks like an OVAL SHAPED Craft (it blends in with the MOON DUST so you need to look closely but it's there & it appears to have left marks, CRASH MARKS? behind it)

I have no idea WHAT this bright WHITE ANTENNA is over on this left hand side now (if you flipped it?) i'm familiar with APOLLO 17's ROVER and i don't ever recall seeing this thing but it could well be part of APOLLO's equipment? but if not? ADD THIS to the MYSTERY PILE.

Inbetween these two forks in this bright, white, antenna section is what looks to me like all the world like one of these Sphere type UFO's (it even casts a shadow behind it) this one has the look of metal about it too (but they'll still tell you it's ROCKS) numerous other objects like this too in this shallow large crater to the left.

But it's the RAISED PLATFORM or WHATEVER IT IS that is SO OUT OF PLACE HERE...if that's a NATURAL HUGE OBLONG RAISED ROCK here then i am a MONKEY's UNCLE (well as i have doubts about DARWIN's EVOULTION right now i think it's safe to say IT IS NOT & I AM NOT)

Here is this video for you to CHECK OUT THESE Timelines & DISCOVER for yourselves that I AM NOT LYING & that there are THINGS ON THE MOON that are AMAZING!

I have many more Photographs i wish i could show you here but SADLY Lunar Mission One has STOPPED THIS FROM HAPPENING (which is curious to me)



I would just like say HELLO to whoever or whatever is on THE MOON close to US.
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2 months 1 week ago #3796 by Paul Conway
Paul Conway replied the topic: "IRISH UFO Encounter" (RADAR Audio Available) & MOON STRUCTURES Di
Done what i normally do...forgot the Video, here it is...

Good Hunting & WELCOME to MY WORLD ;)
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2 months 1 week ago #3797 by Paul Conway
Paul Conway replied the topic: "IRISH UFO Encounter" (RADAR Audio Available) & MOON STRUCTURES Di
At 14m 50s this Mission Control guy says..

"They're further up on the Hill but otherwise that's remarkable"

And please!!! don't anybody tell me this an ARTEFACT (unless your from NASA where as i can just ignore it)

They KNEW what they were PHOTOGRAPHING & they KNEW it was SOMETHING STRANGE & like i said GOOD LUCK finding this ACTUAL Photograph in any APOLLO 17 ARCHIVE because YOU WILL NOT FIND IT...funny that huh? i wonder WHY?

I did have another idea about what it might be though...this RAISED PLATFORM...

If that is a CRASHED SHIP BELOW IT? it might be some type of EQUIPMENT (very THUNDERBIRDS again i know) to SALVAGE IT? somehow?

Well you know how important ALIEN TECH is to them (ROSWELL and all that) we probably have our flat screen Tv's thanks to that!

I just find this image (as well as those reflections) REMARKABLE myself ;)
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2 months 1 week ago #3798 by Paul Conway
Paul Conway replied the topic: "IRISH UFO Encounter" (RADAR Audio Available) & MOON STRUCTURES Di
Oh forgot to mention...
Don't forget to LOOK at the darker MOON photographs below this...ALL CRATERS? ;)